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Goatskin: Historically a lower grade of leather and has a grainy look and feel. Made popular in aviation jackets because of World War II U.S. Government low bid contracts. (The generals did not wear goatskin coats.) Many Goatskin leather jackets are advertised as "authentic" or "traditional" and use lower grade and quality leather. Pop's only uses high quality tanned Goatskin finished to very high standards.


Calfskin: High quality leather which is more durable, hefty and can be more fully finished. Calfskin has a much less grainy look and is smooth when finished well. Their full finish makes their pores resistant to dirt, oils, and water. We always recommend Calfskin for aviation jackets. Pop's does provide grainy Calfskin tanned to the same high specifications using a different process.


Lambskin and Sheepskin: High quality leather, but thinner and prone to tearing when used as a utility jacket. Lambskin is used mostly in Ladies fashion jackets and sheepskin is used in our Mens fashion jackets for extra durability.


Click here to see color swatches of our leathers.



1. Keep away from chemicals, solvents, paints, direct sunlight for long periods, and extreme heat.


2. Hang on broad wooden or plastic coat hangers, never wire or narrow plastic hangers which leave indentations in the shoulders. Store in a low humidity location, never in a closed plastic bag.


3. Avoid getting the leather wet. If it does get wet, allow to air dry on a wooden hanger and if necessary use mink oil to soften the leather. It will probably shrink some, the mink oil will help relax and allow you to pull it back into shape.


4. Pop's Leather uses a fine leather polish in the final manufacturing process which resists dirt and stains. Annual use of mink oil will keep the coat protected. You can apply a light coat of a commercial leather protective spray if desired. Follow the manufacturer's instructions. Do not use regular Scotchguard, use Scotchguard specifically designed for leather-READ THE LABEL!


5. We've found using Fabrize on the inside lining and then exposing inside to sunlight works surprising well removing inside odors and may be all you need to spruce up your coat.


6. When necessary, have your Pop's Leather product professionally cleaned and reconditioned using a “green” solvent.  Most dry cleaners do not do leather themselves, but use a central company which specializes in leather. Be sure they guarantee the work. Explain to the cleaners there's a polish on the leather designed to protect it. If your coat shrinks during the cleaning process, the use of mink oil as explained above will help recondition the leather and help restore the suppleness.


7. Do NOT use saddle soap for general maintenance as this dries out the coat. If used, do so with caution and use mink oil to moisten the leather.





Pop's Leather only uses the finest materials in our products finished to Pop's exact specifications. Our leather is finished with a light polish which fills the skin's pores and provides effective resistance to dirt and stains. Each hide is hand inspected and only full size unblemished male hides are accepted (no stretch marks). Hides with blemishes limit the size of leather pieces and lower quality coats will have multiple pieces in the back of the coat sewn together. Pop's Leather's jacket backs are one piece unless you request differently.

All of our products are hand made by career craftsmen personally trained and supervised by Pop, Mr.Yasar Acikgoz.


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